PIE Media - Partnership for Innovation in Education | Ohio Department of Education Awards PIE with RemotEDx $150,000 Subgrant
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Ohio Department of Education Awards PIE with RemotEDx $150,000 Subgrant

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Ohio Department of Education Awards PIE with RemotEDx $150,000 Subgrant

15:46 25 March in Latest PIE News

Ohio Department of Education Awards PIE with RemotEDx Subgrant

Cincinnati-based Non-Profit Receives Funding for Remote Learning Opportunities for Local Students

CINCINNATI– (March 23,2021) Cincinnati-based Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) recently received a RemotEDx subgrant from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) for its case-based STEM programs intended to enhance the in-classroom and remote learning of students in Cincinnati Public Schools and throughout the Greater Cincinnati region.

PIE is one of 17 non-profit and community-based organizations to receive the $150,000 total awarded from the ODE from the Ohio CARES Act funds as part of the ODE’s RemotEDx initiative, which brings together remote, hybrid and blended learning partners from across the state to help schools and districts enhance, expand and more effectively scale high-quality remote, hybrid and blended education delivery models. The subgrants were awarded to support organizations who are partnering with schools to help improve remote caring, teaching and learning opportunities for Ohio’s most underserved students.

“We are honored to be a recipient of a subgrant from the ODE as part of the RemotEDx initiative. Throughout the pandemic, we have pivoted and continued to provide our programs to benefit local students so they can gain real-life career skills and build confidence in their knowledge even during a time when many schools have had to utilize remote, hybrid or blended learning. We will continue to adjust and expand our programs to provide quality STEM learning programs no matter where or how students are learning,” said Mary Welsh Schlueter, CEO of PIE and its CaseLAB® and DronePreneur programs.

“We see a tremendous impact when schools and community partners work together to support students,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria in an Ohio Department of Education press release about the RemotEDx subgrants. “RemotEDx is designed not only to set the stage for these kinds of partnerships, but also to provide the resources needed for their success.”

To view the full list of awardees and to learn more about the ODE’s RemotEDx initiative, visit the RemotEDx funding opportunities webpage.

About PIE CaseLAB®

Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) develops transformational educational tools preparing the 21stcentury workforce for success in the global marketplace. With its CaseLab®program, PIE features first-ever career simulation and mentoring alliances with business, education and arts organizations, providing hands-on learning in the K-16 classroom. PIE is a 501c3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, awarded the GuideStar Nonprofit “Platinum” Ranking and is an Ohio School District Partner. For more information, visit http://stem.piemedia.org or follow @PIE_Innovation on Twitter.