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Partnership for Innovation in Education Celebrates Launch of Student-Designed App at Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies

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Partnership for Innovation in Education Celebrates Launch of Student-Designed App at Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies

08:32 11 May in Latest PIE News

Event to Honor STEM Project Designed to Help Ohio Students Succeed

CINCINNATI – (May 11, 2015) Imagine learning another language while shooting some hoops? The students at the Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies (AMIS) in Roselawn designed an Android and Apple app with the Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) that helps learners of all ages do just that. In the student-designed app, “Slam Flash,” French, German and Spanish vocabulary words fly past as the player tries to make a basket – testing reflexes and language skills.

On Wednesday, May 13, 2015, at 2:15 p.m. at AMIS, Lisa Hayes, Southwest Ohio Regional Representative for the Office of Mary Taylor, Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, will launch the global app with AMIS students during a special presentation. She also will provide recognition certificates to PIE and its partners in creating this app – Affordable Language Services and the Northern Kentucky University Center for Applied Informatics.

Cincinnati-based PIE develops transformational educational tools to accelerate academic achievement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects. This app launch was funded in-part by an Ohio Department of Education “Straight A” Inaugural Grant, consisting of $1.1 million for educational STEM programming.

As a Cincinnati magnet school with students from over 35 countries offering multilingual immersion and partial immersion curriculum aimed at Spanish fluency, AMIS was a perfect fit for this STEM project with PIE.

“Our students come from diverse experiences and backgrounds. This project gave them an opportunity to collaborate with local businesses and our community to solve real-world challenges. This app offered our students the chance to showcase their global language skills and 21st century skill sets,” said Sherwin Ealy II, principal for AMIS.

In developing the app, AMIS students were asked to analyze information, develop research, utilize technology resources and work together to provide workable solutions. With the help of Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Applied Informatics, students learned basic coding and developed an interactive, digital app.

“This app gameifies STEM concepts and offered AMIS students a chance to experience a 21st century career in a fun, digital format. This game allows students to develop solutions just like an engineer, project director or plant manager. They experience the thrill of ‘doing’ and better understand the meaning of their education,” said Mary Welsh Schlueter, CEO for PIE.

This project featured the use of the Socratic Learning Method, which is typically used in graduate and undergraduate programs. It allowed business and community executives to serve as in-classroom mentors as students solved a “real life” simulation, which the business was facing.

Affordable Language Services, a Cincinnati-based professional, medical and legal interpreting and translation services company, worked alongside PIE and AMIS students on the creation of this app.

“As a provider of professional translation services, we saw great value in helping these students develop an app that helps to test and grow language skills. I enjoyed helping students learn more about my business and future career opportunities featuring global language skills,” said Lynn Elfers, CEO and owner of Affordable Language Services.

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