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Partnership for Innovation in Education Receives Walmart Community Grant

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Partnership for Innovation in Education Receives Walmart Community Grant

04:52 04 February in Latest PIE News, Press Release

CINCINNATI–(January 31, 2022) Cincinnati-based Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) recently received a $5,000 Walmart Community Grant from the Walmart Giving Program for PIE’s programs, which provide STEM and “hands on” career-based learning opportunities in today’s leading careers for Cincinnati Public School K-12 students.

The Walmart Community Grant program supports its PIE CaseLAB® Career Academy and its cutting-edge Ohio Department of Education industry credentialing in Information Technology, Business, Marketing, Finance and Transportation with job shadowing, internships and apprenticeship opportunities with Ohio’s business partners.

“We are excited to receive this Walmart Community grant from the Walmart Giving Program, especially since it comes from the Walmart just down the street from our Cincinnati headquarters. Truly, they are our community partners! At PIE, we strive to inspire and make an impact on today’s students. Our programs help them experience leading careers in technology and give them resources to mentors and encouragement to begin to envision their own future career pathways,” said Mary Welsh Schlueter, CEO of PIE and its CaseLAB®, DataLytics, DronePreneur and New SMART Mobility Student Ambassador Programs, including Electric Vehicle and Computer Data Analytics programs.

“As a dynamic community partner, we are thrilled to support the transformational PIE Career Academy program because they are preparing students for high demand careers in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. With their experiential and immersive programs, we are proud to support PIE and its programs which bring ‘hands on,’ career-based STEM opportunities to our local students. These programs give our students the opportunity to think big, explore new careers and gain confidence in their own abilities,” said Zachary Daniel, Store Manager of the Walmart Red Bank store location.

About PIE CaseLAB®

Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) develops transformational educational tools preparing the 21st century workforce for success in the global marketplace. With its CaseLab® program, PIE features first-ever career simulation and mentoring alliances with business, education and arts organizations, providing hands-on learning in the K-16 classroom. PIE is a 501c3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, awarded the GuideStar Nonprofit “Platinum” Ranking and is an Ohio School District Partner. For more information, visit http://stem.piemedia.org or follow @PIE_Innovation on Twitter.