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PIE Receives $7,000 in Grant Support from Best Buy Foundation

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PIE Receives $7,000 in Grant Support from Best Buy Foundation

17:31 11 October in Latest Education News, Latest PIE News, Press Release

CINCINNATI – (October 2, 2018) Cincinnati-based Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) recently received $7,000 in grant support from the Best Buy Foundation, part of the Best Buy corporation which supports organizations that demonstrate a track record for building skill proficiency in technology through out-of-school time programs. The grant helps support PIE’s programs, which give Greater Cincinnati students the opportunity to learn about and gain “hands on” experience in emergent technologies. These programs show students the many uses technology can have in the classroom and in real-world career paths.

“We are honored to have received our second, consecutive grant from the Best Buy Foundation in support of our programs. PIE strives to inspire students and help them gain not only a proficiency with technology, but the chance to learn how it can be applied to solving everyday problems and real-life, workplace challenges,” said Mary Welsh Schlueter, CEO of PIE.

“PIE stood out to us at Best Buy due to its strong support and dedication to advancing understanding and learning in new ways. Best Buy supports advancements in technology and in education that will better prepare students for an ever-changing world so that new problems can be met with new solutions from a team of highly adaptable students ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow,” said Brian Stevens, Best Buy Market Administrator in Cincinnati.

About PIE

Partnership for Innovation In Education (PIE) develops transformational educational tools preparing the 21stcentury workforce for success in the global marketplace. With its CaseLab® program, PIE features first-ever career simulation and mentoring alliances with business, education and arts organizations, providing hands-on learning in the K-16 classroom. PIE is a 501c3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, awarded the GuideStar Nonprofit “Platinum” Ranking and is an Ohio School District Partner. For more information, visit https://piemedia.org or follow @PIE_Innovation on Twitter.