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Ludlow Elementary School

The Innovation Process

PIE = College Readiness

Ludlow Elementary School
Union Springs, LLC.

Ludlow Elementary School students worked with antibacterial provider, Union Springs LLC, to review the efficacy of a soap product used in the school classroom.


Union Springs, LLC.


Ludlow Elementary School


Angry Germs

Classroom Challenge

Ludlow Elementary School students worked with antibacterial provider, Union Springs LLC, to review the efficacy of a soap product used the school classroom. Students developed a product use and deployment process in the classrooms, and later analyzed the product’s effectiveness in decreasing sickness throughout the school. Students calculated the financial savings to the school based on student and educator absences.

Latest News

Ludlow Elementary School students get real world taste of STEM.

Goal: College Readiness



  • Team Based Role Play
  • Decision Analytics
  • Comparative Strategy Development
  • Data & Research Survey Skills
  • STEM Career Path Exposure with CEO Mentor

In Their Own Words

Educators and Partners describe the benefits of Case-Based Learning.



Try out this student-inspired game available in IOS or Android

Technology Support

PIE Business Partners offer an authentic challenge using STEM K-12 concepts. Each participating school receives devices for all student participants.

Using 1:1 technology, students created an app available across all global platforms, providing significant new revenue for school districts.Program offers sustainable funding for all program technology, STEM curriculum development and educator professional development.

Program creates a web page and 30-second professional videos featuring case partners, students and educators discussing STEM experiential curriculum, teaching notes and testimonials.

Key Skills Learned


  • Observing
  • Inferring
  • Measuring
  • Predicting


  • File Management
  • Data Optimization
  • App Development & Coding
  • Data Optimization
  • Electronic Presentations


  • Experimentation
  • Problem Solving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Validation
  • Data Interpretation


  • Defining problems
  • Identifying variables
  • Modeling solutions
  • Estimating
  • Determining Accuracy

Without this partnership with PIE, our students would not have access to this new and innovative approach to learning. This curriculum allows students to be prepared to adapt to new and innovative approaches to learning throughout their educational careers.

Mr. Michael Borchers, Superintendent, Ludlow KY Public Schools