PIE Media - Partnership for Innovation in Education | Technology
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The Innovation Process


Emerging Technology Partnerships Offer New Learning Opportunities.

Emerging Technology Offers New Revenue to Schools

Building digital career simulations, creating talent and skillset assessments, and STEM applications for Apple and GooglePlay sales platforms, students develop new technology pathways never before found in K-12 classrooms.

  • Using 1:1 technology, students create apps available across all global platforms, providing significant new revenue for school districts.
  • Program offers sustainable funding for all program technology, STEM curriculum development and educator professional development.

  • New digital handbook for educators and mentors, developing 1:1 tools for classroom facilitation.
  • Massive Open Online (MOOC) courses available for remote access to case-based teaching skills.

By The Numbers

Heighten Technology Literacy Among Students and Educators0%
Increase STEM Career and College Readiness0%
Increase Understanding of Real World Applications of STEM Fields0%
Increase in STEM Awareness Among Girls and Minorities0%

Students work on PIE project at Milford Elementary Schools

Aiken New Tech School students work on PIE project tablets

App development process at Kilgour Elementary School