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Milford Elementary Schools

The Innovation Process


Milford Elementary Schools
The 3M Company


Students at Milford Elementary Schools partnered with 3M to test, identify and rank optimal moisture-wicking fabrics for joint and muscle support wraps.


3M Milford, Ohio, operation


Milford Elementary Exempted Village Schools All 6th grade classes


Flappy Fabric

Classroom Challenge

Student scientists conducted a water-drop test on fabric swatches to determine the best-performing fabrics for moisture absorption and dispersion. They recorded and compiled data, created dot plot diagrams and wrote conclusions about their work. Students reported their findings to 3M via Power Point and other business presentation software to assist 3M in determining optimal materials to use in developing support wraps for weak ankles, knees, wrists and other body parts.

Goal: STEM Readiness

Case-based learning with an international manufacturer resulted in:
  • Heightened analytical skills through integration of science and math
  • Real-life application of the Scientific Method
  • Improved scientific technical literacy by sharing best practices with classmates and industry experts

In Their Own Words

Designed by students from Milford Schools and Northern Kentucky University’s College of Informatics. These apps were facilitated by the Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE).

Try out this student-inspired game available in IOS or Android

Technology Support

PIE Business Partners offer an authentic challenge using STEM K-12 concepts. Each participating school receives devices for all student participants.
Using 1:1 technology, students created an app available across all global platforms, providing significant new revenue for school districts.

Program offers sustainable funding for all program technology, STEM curriculum development and educator professional development.

Program creates a web page and 30-second professional videos featuring case partners, students and educators discussing STEM experiential curriculum, teaching notes and testimonials.

Key Skills Learned

  • problem solving
  • identifying variables
  • determining accuracy

  • analysis
  • experimentation
  • data interpretation
  • evaluating information

  • attention to detail
  • developing organized, well-reasoned supported and focused communications
  • measuring and reporting

Working with a business made it all seem more important. The experience taught us how to work together as a team, and develop solutions with 3M engineers. I feel like I’ve become a much better student because of what I learned to do in this program.

Milford 6TH GRADER