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Latest PIE News

Efforts intensify to grow Cincy tech workers

19:56 29 May in Latest PIE News by PieMedia

Josh Pichler, jpichler@enquirer.com 12:31 a.m. EDT October 15, 2014 Demand rising locally for 45 high-skill, high-paying jobs The numbers make Geoff Smith shake his head. Smith, co-chair of the CIO Roundtable of Cincinnati and a former executive at Procter & Gamble, has been working for several years to...

PIE Releases New Brochure

19:54 29 May in Latest PIE News by PieMedia

See the brand new brochure here: PIE_gatefold_v9 The global economy is changing. Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) features a new teaching model providing educators with skills typically reserved for the university professor. PIE introduces experiential learning allowing students to take the role of decision makers, as they identify, analyze and provide solutions...

PIE Students & 3M Launch Historic Apps

19:47 29 May in Latest PIE News, Press Release by PieMedia

PIE Students & 3M Launch Historic STEM "Straight A" Apps In Ohio Statehouse with Legislators Columbus, Ohio – How do you offer students a real world problem and prepare them for a career in science and manufacturing? You ask business partners to create an everyday challenge...