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State Superintendent visits Milford Schools

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State Superintendent visits Milford Schools

19:58 29 May in Latest PIE News

State Superintendent visits Milford Schools

Dr. Richard Ross, Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, saw the Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) program in action when he visited Milford Junior High School on Sept. 25. Milford seventh graders were present for the assembly with Dr. Ross. As sixth graders last year, these students were participants in the program developed and implemented by PIE, as well as, Milford teachers and administrators.

Milford School District was one of the 24 inaugural Straight A grants awarded in December of 2013 as part of a consortium that included all of the Milford elementary schools sixth graders and Cincinnati Public Schools. The other non-profit partners were: Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE), Smarter Schools, Mayerson Academy, and Northern Kentucky University.

The pilot project officially kicked off in March of 2014 and focused on using case-based teaching strategy similar to the approach used in medical and business schools.  It places the student in a decision-making role, and is typically found in graduate and undergraduate classrooms. Students are presented with a real world problem accompanied by relevant events and facts. Educators encourage discussion and debate as students use analytical and technological tools to support their decision.

Milford sixth graders tackled a case for the local operation of 3M, a leading developer and manufacturer of assorted health support products for the ankle, knee, wrist and other joints. The 3M staff challenged Milford’s sixth graders with finding the best and least expensive material with the ability to transfer moisture away from the body. Students evaluated multiple materials along with cost and other factors. They developed a presentation with their data and presented their findings to 3M in May. Students then worked with NKU to develop Apps that will be showcased during Dr. Ross’s visit.

Several special guests and grant partners will be in attendance at the presentation on Thursday: Mary Welsh Schlueter, PIE; Andy Benson, Smarter Schools; Chris Rider, NKU and Don Barnes, 3M.

Highlights of Dr. Ross’ Visit:
· Charles Smith and Cassie Dorl, Meadowview 6th grade teachers, shared details about the case-based teaching in action.
· Don Barnes, 3M, discussed his company’s collaboration with the PIE program.
· Chris Rider, NKU, showcased the Apps developed by Meadowview and McCormick 6th graders .
· A video demonstrated the impact of the Straight A case-based program across all Milford and Cincinnati Public participating schools.
· Students voted live regarding the impact of case-based scenarios on their learning.