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CNN Series Features PIE Career Mentoring Partner

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CNN Series Features PIE Career Mentoring Partner

04:50 06 June in Latest PIE News

PIE Career Mentoring Partner Featured in New CNN Video Series

Cincinnati, OH – June 3, 2016 – Tricia Ferrara, a partner with the Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE), is featured in a new video series for CNN that airs throughout the summer. Ferrara is a licensed professional counselor and parenting strategist, as well as author of the book Parenting 2.0: Think in the Future, Act in in the Now. She is the first parenting specialist to be featured in the new CNN Parents video series “Parent Acts,” which debuted on May 24th on CNN.com and is airing on CNN Airport Network.

In the debut episode, “How to Deal with a Meltdown,” Ferrara offers real-time advice to parents after they act out the challenges they face while raising their children. Hosted by CNN’s Kelly Wallace, editor-at-large covering family, career and life, Ferrara’s first episode can be found on CNN.com, where it has enjoyed immense popularity on CNN’s multiple media platforms. More episodes featuring Ferrara will air throughout the summer.

After reviewing Ferrara’s work on non-cognitive skill development (grit, self reliance, persistence), PIE CEO Mary Welsh Schlueter and Ms. Ferrara aligned their work to develop a set a tools creating transformational “real world” simulations for the Ohio classroom. Next year, they are co-authoring a book detailing how school districts, universities, business, economic development and public service professionals can join together in creating experiential and authentic curriculum featuring problem-solving and workforce readiness skillsets

In addition to her work with PIE, Ms. Ferrara manages a private practice in Chester County, Pa. She provides on-air parenting and psychological commentary for media outlets including NBC10, FOX29 and CBS3. Ferrara also comments regularly about childhood development for a variety of publications including CNN Parents. Ferrara is a featured lecturer and behavioral consultant to Philadelphia area schools including Drexel University and Philadelphia Community College, providing in-depth parent education seminars. Further information can be found at http://triciaferrara.com/

About PIE

Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) develops transformational educational tools preparing the 21st century workforce for success in the global marketplace. PIE features first-ever career simulation and mentoring alliances with business, education and arts organizations, providing hands-on learning in the K-16 classroom. PIE is a 501c3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, awarded the GuideStar Nonprofit “Gold Exchange” Ranking and is an Ohio School District Partner. For more information, visit www.piemedia.org or follow @PIE_Innovation on Twitter.

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