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Legislators Visit Cincinnati Classrooms Featuring PIE Curriculum

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Legislators Visit Cincinnati Classrooms Featuring PIE Curriculum

16:08 18 April in Latest PIE News, Press Release

Partnership For Innovation in Education Presents STEAM Work to Ohio Department of Education Legislators

PIE and Local Students Showcase Case-Based, Experiential Learning 

CINCINNATI – (April 18, 2016) Partnership For Innovation in Education (PIE) will showcase its case-based, experiential learning opportunities for Cincinnati Public Schools during a visit from representatives of the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Kilgour Elementary School.

During the visit, PIE and Cincinnati Public School teachers and students will be on-site to present work representing the 32 schools engaged in PIE’s programs funded through the ODE’s “Straight A” and Community Connector grant programs. One demonstration during the visit will include students from Kilgour exhibiting the case they developed for Madisono’s Gelato with CEO, Matt Madison, to create a new, marketable gelato flavor for this local business.

“It is a great honor that the ODE has selected our programs for their visit. As a global leader in developing emerging career pathway curriculum for U.S. school districts, we are excited to present the unique and inspiring ideas of our local students and the success of our programs made possible by our community partners, teachers and schools,” said Mary Welsh Schlueter, CEO for PIE.

Representatives from ODE will also be able to observe, interact and analyze the efficacy of Socratic, inquiry-based learning used in PIE’s programs, typically only employed in graduate and undergraduate engineering, design, law, business, informatics, art and medical school classrooms. PIE is the only organization that offers experiential, deeper learning programs with embedded Next Generation STEAM standards as part of school day and after-school instruction, in partnership with case partners ranging from Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations in manufacturing, technology, health care, arts management, agriculture and finance, in tandem with PIE’s community and economic development career guide and mentor partners.

PIE is aligned with the ODE’s 16 career pathways, and the organization also embeds social-emotional (self-reliance, grit, perseverance, leadership, etc.) “markers” into its case development, with the opportunity to assess efficacy and understanding of non-cognitive growth.

About PIE

Partnership For Innovation In Education (PIE) develops transformational educational tools preparing the 21st century workforce for success in the global marketplace. PIE features first-ever career simulation and mentoring alliances with business, education and arts organizations, providing hands-on learning in the K-16 classroom. PIE is a 501c3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, awarded the GuideStar Nonprofit “Gold Exchange” Ranking and is an Ohio School District Partner. For more information, visit www.piemedia.org or follow @PIE_Innovation on Twitter.


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