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PIE and Polar 3D Develop High Technology Career Pathways

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PIE and Polar 3D Develop High Technology Career Pathways

16:50 22 March in Latest PIE News, Press Release

PIE and Polar 3D Develop Experiential STEM Curriculum

Partnership Teaches Local Students 3D Modeling and Prototyping

CINCINNATI – (March 17, 2016) Engineers, designers and scientists think and work in 3D, and Partnership For Innovation in Education (PIE) has teamed up with Cincinnati-based Polar 3D to create their ideas and solutions in a three-dimensional design format.

“Through this collaboration, PIE is able to partner with Greater Cincinnati’s leading manufacturers, engineers and product designers to take our Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) curriculum to another level, offering students and educators a chance to use the design thinking process, develop a set of 3D prototypes and choose the solution which best solves the business challenge. This is the newest opportunity bridging the 21st century classroom with business, arts and engineering leaders who are constantly seeking future employees who can identify, test and develop workable solutions. Embedding 3D prototyping into our curriculum is just another way to prepare students for that future,” said Mary Welsh Schlueter, CEO for PIE.

Polar 3D, manufacturer of the first affordable, practical 3D printing solution for homes, schools and colleges, will provide the expertise and resources to guide teachers and students through the entire 3D printing process from coding to modeling to prototyping so students can produce a physical product of their idea, whether it is a new toy or a simple household gadget helping to make everyday activities easier.

PIE students recently worked with the Cincinnati Ballet to design a more ergonomic ballet shoe. “Just imagine, PIE students will not only create and design a better ballet shoe but also bring it out of the computer screen into their own hands and be able to refine their design all while gaining a better understanding of the creation process,” said Ed Estes, Polar 3D co-founder. “And after the ballet shoe? Hopefully it will inspire these young minds to think like entrepreneurs and create something that will change everyone’s future.”

This new curriculum will be incorporated into PIE’s case-based learning tools for Greater Cincinnati students with the opportunity to scale the program throughout the United States. Currently, PIE is the global leader in developing “deeper learning” curriculum using case-based, design thinking and 3D modeling learning skill sets typically used in graduate and undergraduate engineering, design, law, business, medical and applied technology programs.

“This partnership truly allows students to direct their learning and put themselves in the role of engineer, designer and problem-solver. Experiences like this empower students to envision future career pathways and help them apply what they are learning in the classroom to real-life scenarios,” said Dr. David Rosenthal, retired professor of marketing at Miami University Farmer School of Business, who has served as both president of the North American Case Research Association and as editor of the Case Research Journal.

Dr. Rosenthal has recently joined PIE, directing its case development and strategic partnerships with local businesses and community organizations to strengthen in-classroom and after-school career ready training experiences for local students with global curriculum access.

To learn more about Polar 3D, visit www.polar3d.com.

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